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Over the last few years third party sellers have grown on Amazon and now represent around 50% of total sales. With a growth rate of over 30% per year and a presence on various country-specific marketplaces, Amazon provides you with a perfect opportunity to increase your product sales and to reach new markets.

But you need to do this right to achieve the maximum returns…

Do any of the following apply to you?

✅ You want to make more sales on Amazon

✅ You want to win the “Buy Box” war

✅ You want to sell your products through Amazon but don’t want the hassle of setting up and managing your own Amazon account

✅ You want to find new markets for your products and increase your sales

✅ You believe that Amazon would be a good fit for your business but you don’t know how to set it all up

✅ You are selling products on Amazon now but not getting the results that you want

✅ You have invested in Amazon selling courses but they do not provide the answers that you need

✅ You want to become a successful Amazon seller but you don’t have any products to sell

Amazon offers a golden opportunity but it is not easy…

Issues You May Face:

✅ Using Amazon Seller Central properly and being compliant

✅ Getting the marketing right so that products have maximum exposure and convert well

✅ Product pricing and profitability

✅ Ensuring that customers are satisfied especially in foreign markets

✅ Winning the product concept to sale lifecycle

✅ Understanding inbound and product return logistics

✅ Avoiding the suspension of your account

✅ Planning sales cycles and seasonality

✅ Growing your Amazon business

✅ Getting up and running with other eCommerce opportunities

✅ Using Amazon as your fulfillment company

✅ Converting from merchant fulfillment to fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

✅ Fully understanding the Amazon ecosystem such as Seller Central, Amazon Prime, Vendor Central and more

✅ The optimization of sponsored advertising campaigns

✅ Getting products “ungated”

✅ Shipping products to Amazon

✅ Reclaiming reimbursements

And many more…

Who do you turn to, if you experience problems in any of these areas? Well, you can use Google to try and find the answers that you need, but you will be very lucky to find really sound advice, based on experience.

You need an experienced Amazon consultant, to help you through the entire process and maximize your sales.

About Us

Introducing e/Booster

Chris MacNeil is the founder and owner of e/Booster Limited. Chris has over 20 years professional consulting and training experience. Based in central London, the company is ideally located to provide face to face Amazon consulting services to you to take your business to the next level.

When you connect with Chris and the e/Booster team for the first time you will be certain that they have the expertise and experience to get your products listed on Amazon in the right way that will make you sales.

If you prefer consulting over Skype then Chris and his team can provide you with the advice and experience that you need. At least one face to face meeting is recommended as this helps to build trust, but e/Booster is very flexible and will adapt to your preferences.

When you engage e/Booster to assist you with your Amazon sales, we will want to know all about your business and your plans for the future. We will assist you in the development of your Amazon selling plan and take into account all aspects of your business.

Chris and his team have the experience and knowhow to assess whether selling on Amazon is right for you or not. The bottom line is that selling on Amazon does not suit every business, and you need to know this from the outset so that you do not waste your time and money.

Once agreed that selling on Amazon is the best fit for your business, e/Booster will recommend various marketing strategies that will ensure high visibility of your product(s) and good conversions for your listings.

e/Booster has a lot of expertise in using Amazon Sponsored Ads which can be set up for your product(s) to gain exposure and sales. You will receive the necessary assistance to obtain the best rates for your sponsored ads. We also have experience in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

When you hire e/Booster you can choose as much or as little support as you need. You can have just 60 minutes of consultancy on a single topic or secure a full range of our services which be provided via a regular support contract.

Setting the right price for your product can be a real challenge. Using his experience, Chris will be able to advise you on the best pricing strategy which will achieve sales and deliver acceptable profit margins. Your prices may have to be adjusted a few times to get this balance right and with e/Booster’s experience with repricing you will be in good hands.

Chris and the team will also tackle the marketing of your Amazon listings outside of Amazon. You will want to take advantage of keyword optimisation for free traffic from Google and other search engines, as well as have a strong social media presence for your products. Facebook and Pinterest profiles are recommended by e/Booster as they can deliver good results.

Setting up and running an Amazon account can be a real pain and some business owners do not have the time to do this. e/Booster have their own established Amazon account and would be delighted to wholesale your products for you. This will get you up and running a lot faster without any of the headaches.

At e/Booster we have our own  experience of working with clients in specific marketplaces such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the United States.

Hiring e/Booster as your Amazon consultants will bring you:

✅ A defined marketing strategy that will provide maximum exposure for your products

✅ Experience in creating Amazon listings that produce high conversions

✅ Bespoke training for you and your staff

✅ The correct set up of your Amazon Seller Central account – this can be really tricky to get right

✅ UK / Europe pan European enrollment as well as the USA and Canada and other international markets

✅ Multi language / multi culture support

✅ Sourcing of the best products

✅ The best pricing and repricing strategies based on experience

✅ Profitability calculations and forecasting

✅ The right way to ship products to Amazon

✅ Invoicing clients and other back office support functions

✅ Cutting edge software tools

✅ Expert assistance with accounting and VAT matters

✅ Selling of your products on our account

And so much more…


Here to develop your Amazon selling skills!



Our training courses are tailored to your requirements and designed to increase the opportunities for your online business development, while helping you to gain the skills needed to increase sales globally, on various Amazon marketplaces. We look forward to finding out more about your business and to offering you the tools to grow!


✅ Learn why you need to sell your products on Amazon

✅ Learn how to list your product properly for maximum sales

✅ Learn how to create photographs that will sell your products

✅ Learn how to use and comply with Amazon Seller Central

✅ Learn how to price your products correctly for maximum profits

✅ Learn how to get external traffic to your Amazon listings

✅ Learn how to use Amazon Marketing Services to increase sales

✅ Learn about killer software that will give you the edge

Who Should Attend?

✅ People looking to sell their products on the world’s largest marketplace – Amazon.

✅ People who want to know the insider secrets of the top 1% of sellers on Amazon.

✅ People who have tried to sell their products online and who haven’t got the results that they were looking for.

✅ People who want to expand their product sales on an international basis.

Our Amazon 1-day Training Modules





Are you interested in specific aspects of selling on Amazon? Our Amazon Training Modules are what you need. Each module is a 1-day Course, so you could choose one or more modules, to fit your free time and requirements.

Module 1

Are you looking for a way to sell more of your products? Have you considered selling your products on Amazon? Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace and there are opportunities for you to leverage your sales. Discover if Amazon is right for you and learn how this massive marketplace can take your sales to the next level. Download the brochure to learn more...

Module 2

Do you want to know how the top sellers on Amazon list their products for success? These secrets are worth their weight in gold and will increase your sales. You need to know how to setup your products correctly to attract the highest number of visitors and achieve the best conversions. This Amazon course will show you how to do that. Download the brochure to learn more...

Module 3

Do you want to ensure that your products delight customers and you end up with many 5/5 star reviews? Do you want to know the secrets to product packaging and sending your inventory to Amazon? In this course you will also discover how to manage your inventory properly so you avoid the dreaded “sold out” scenario. Download the brochure to learn more...

Module 4

Do you want to know how you can successfully sell your products on Amazon international marketplaces? Understand the secrets to listing correctly on international sites. Do you want to know the customer service secrets that will keep customers coming back for more? Also you will learn the best way to handle translations for the different markets and how to handle VAT and other taxes. Download the brochure to learn more...

Module 5

Do you want to know how you can grow and control your Amazon business? Do you want to take advantage of seasonal opportunities and really increase your sales? Discover the software tools that the top Amazon sellers use to manage and grow their Amazon businesses. Learn how to get a lot of external traffic to your Amazon listings for even more sales. Download the brochure to learn more...

Our Amazon 5-day Course

Looking for a broader Amazon learning experience? Our Amazon 5-day Course is your answer.  Learn how to use Amazon to sell more in your home country and beyond. It  is not easy to get it right on Amazon and you need to know all of the “insider” secrets to ensure maximum sales and profitability.

Professional Advice

Bespoke Advice for Your Amazon Business!




Looking for a more customised one-on-one learning experience, tailored to the specifics of your Amazon store?  Our Amazon advisory services assist you in making the right decisions, while taking into account the details of your business. Choose the packages that best fit your requirements!

Package 1

✅ New to Amazon? Crash course on determining if selling on Amazon is right for you.

Package 2

✅ Listing your products on Amazon and how to calculate profit.

Package 3

✅ Optimisation of your listings for maximum sales.

Package 4

✅ Ungating, Branding and Managing Inventory for on and off Amazon sales.

Package 5

✅ Going Global and related Customer Service issues.

Package 6

✅ Optimisation - making the most of returns and 3rd party software tools.

Package 7

✅ Sponsored Products, Promotions, Lightning
Deals and Enhanced Brand Content.

Package 8

✅ Your questions answered - open discussion allowing you to pick and choose specific topics from Packages 1 to 7. 

Rate per package:  £297 + VAT

BUNDLE OFFER - choose any 3 of the above for a 20% DISCOUNT!




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